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BUILD - TCG World Week 1 - Creature Sprites
Total Budget: 2000.0 USDC
Remaining Budget: 0.0 USDC

We are very happy to bring you the very first build proposal in partnership with TCG world. The goal of these proposals is to let many different artists create custom assets that will be included in their Metaverse and fully playable upon release.

This is a unique opportunity for builders to shape a Metaverse from its inception!

🔹 WEEK 1 - deliverables - SPRITES

The goal is to create 2 creature sprites, that have 3 evolutions each.
= 6 3D models of creatures that will be included in TCG World

All creature models are 3D assets and fully rigged

🚨 Make sure to include in your cover letter what kind of creature you were thinking about creating. Keep in mind a creature needs to fit within a fantasy setting and have 3 different evolution states: little (1) / middle (2) / big (3) evolution.

Note: We will share a full pdf detailing specific creation guidelines to create models that are compatible with TCG world after the hiring process

Number of Bids: 5
Minimum Bid: 1000.0 USDC
Maximum Bid: 2000.0 USDC
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