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Creativity & Growth - TEST Proposal

The purpose of this page is to experiment with the platform and go through the full application process.

Feel free to go through the full application & ask questions if any are still......
Sandstorm Discord:
Sandstorm contact information: oscom@sandstorm...
We look forward to hearing more about your ideas ✨

⚡️ Sandstorm Team ⚡

Total Budget: 10000.0 USDC Number of Bids: 1

🚧 Creators! 🚧

It's time to decorate Yourverse! Our friends at Metafutura have worked on a new experience, aiming to push collaboration across different studios & creators in the space - called Yourverse. 

We are now soon approaching the Christmas period! How would your Christmas decoration look like? 
Create what you want! As long as it fits within the theme. There is no limit to your imagination ✨
🎯 OBJECTIVE: Builders must create interesting decorations to give Yourverse a new fresh look 🎁🎗️🎄

📚 Guidelines: 

- Make sure to you follow the VoxEdit Guidelines 
- Max Face Count: 5000
- Max Node Count: 200
- Make sure you there is no z-fighting, clipping, and open animations. 
- Make sure your asset is fully functional in The Sandbox Game Maker

For additional tips make sure you watch this video for asset submission guidance: 

📍 How to submit:

1. Participate through this Sandstorm Contest page
2. Upload your asset as a .ZIP folder, containing everything you need for your asset
3. Create a quick animation / clip showcasing your asset for Social Media

Note on social media Showcase:
- Ideally, keep the clip between 10 - 20 seconds. Make sure the asset you created is showcased in multiple angles.
- Make sure to add the tags @Sandstormmeetup & @yourverse_NFT in social media submission part 
- On top of your submission, feel free to share snippets of your creative process (timelapses, early views, etc.)

If you have questions, join our discord & feel free to ask questions:

🏆 Prizes:

Fight for 3 types of prizes!! SAND, Yourverse NFTs & Visibility for your productions. 

🥇 #1: 150 sand + Yourverse NFT + publication during Christmas period
🥈 #2: 100 sand +  publication during Christmas period
🥉 #3: 50 sand + publication during Christmas period

Excited to see what you all will create!

See you soon, 
Sandstorm & Metafutura


📢 Calling all Creators! 

Are you ready to test your skills on another platform? Then join us for P12 Arcana!

In this bounty contest, you will have 1 week to use the recently launched P12 editor tool, that is aimed at enabling the creation of next-gen experiences in no time!
You can create anything you want! The only thing you have to do is download their editor tool & publish a creation, no limits!

Objective: Create something fun, exciting & beautiful using the P12 editor Tool!

💡 How to use the P12 editor? 

- Go to this link:

- Follow the step by step tutorial explained on this notion site to learn more about the P12 Editor: 

🚀 Presentation

Once you have finished your entry & published on both Sandstorm & P12 (see more information below):
- Make sure to prepare a beautiful presentation of the creation (screenshot, MP4 runthrough video, Cinematic trailer)
- Feel free to share the progress of your work and tag both @sandstormmeetup & @_p12_ on Twitter / X

📚 Where to get more information?

Discord is the best place to learn more about both Sandstorm & P12!

Join P12 Discord: 
Join Sandstorm Discord: 

We have setup an educational channel in our Discord server that will help you out!
You can also reach out directly to the P12 team to get support, they are very responsive!

💰 Prizes:

Win up to 20,000$ through this initiative. 

How to win? 

1. Create awesome submissions
2. Publish them on P12 & share on social media
3. Get the P12 community to vote for your creation on the P12 Website
4. Go through the Sandstorm platform contest process so we can track your creations & give you even more visibility!

IMPORTANT: Do not publish your Work on P12 until Sandstorm staff gives the go. For now, only participate by entering on Sandstorm. Join our discord to stay up to date 

We’re very excited to see what you will create!

Sandstorm & P12 Teams


Immerse yourself in the tranquility of your mind's eye, as you bring the serene whispers of Zen to life in the limitless expanse of 3D space..
Almost as if you were in a dream, you wander through this rift of time and space, crafting realities that echo the profound silence of the universe. 

📢 Challenge:
It's time to.... relax. Create your own ideal Zen space

🛠️ Build constraints: 🛠️ 

The representation needs to fit within a 2x2 plot sized build (maximum)
- Max. polycount: 40k
- Height limit: 46m
- File Size Limit: 60mb
- The Build needs to include Water & full landscaping of the 2x2 plot size

⚠️⚠️ Important - Preparing the final file for submission:

In order to facilitate the reviewing process & collecting of files, please follow the infrastructure as follows: 

Zipped folder including, separately:
- .GLB of the asset
- Zipped Downloaded file of the Scene (Download in Scene mode in Builder)
- TXT File that includes: Shared LINK of the scene

To get the link of the scene, go to: -> Create Scene -> Customize -> SHARE

🛠️ Presentation constraints: 🛠️

The presentation is very flexible, but it needs to:

1. Present the asset from all sides
2. Include a section of the presentation where you can see the asset deployed in Decentraland

Note: You can create cinematic trailers, renders, etc. in any way you want as long as you respect the 2 rules above


🥇#1 - 1200 $USDC + Special surprise 👀
🥈#2 - 625 $USDC 
🥉#3 - 375 $USDC 
🎖 #4 - 200 $USDC 
🎖 #5 - 100 $USDC 

📝 How to enter the contest: 📝 

To enter the contest & have a valid entry, you need to follow the 3 STEP process on this exact contest page (see above) within the deadline

Make sure to respect the contest, presentation & publishing requirements.

⌛️ DEADLINE: 14th of August / 4 PM UTC

Good luck & feel free to share timelapses, progress & ideation of your entries!
Make sure to tag @decentralanddao & @sandstormmeetup on twitter if you do!

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