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TCG Dragons (Tier 3-5)

Scope: 3D asset modeling (high poly & low poly),...
A moodboard will be provided to the studio after the hiring process.
Within the scope of this proposal, you will have to create 4 variations for Dragons in Tiers 3, 4 & 5!
The tiers are progressive Dragon evolutions. The hired builders will use the assets created for Tier 1 & 2 as references.

- 12 creature models (4 per Tier of Dragons)
- 12 animations per model (Including Movement animations; Combat animations)
- Note: The exact animations that will be required will be pre-determined by TCG & Sandstorm team and communicated to the hired...
- Note: A high level of design fidelity to the moodboard is expected.

Deliverable files:
- High poly...
- Low poly...
- FBX with...
- Texture...

Total Budget: 9000.0 USDT Number of Bids: 1
Accepting Submissions

Calling all game developers! Are you ready to take your racing skills to the next level? Then join us for the Arcade Racing Game Jam!

In this game jam, you will have about 3 weeks to create an ARCADE RACING GAME that is unlike anything that has come before it. Get inspired by some of the classic arcade racers like Forza Horizon, Mario Kart and Need For Speed, and put your own twist on it!

These games are all classics for a reason. They are fun, exciting, and well-made. They are also all very different, so there is something for everyone. If you are looking for inspiration for your own arcade racing game, these are the games to check out.


Submissions: June 3rd - June 24th
Deadline: June 24th, 23:59 EST
Judging: June 26 - June 30 
Winners Announced: Week of July 3rd

Theme: Arcade Racing

We will be providing a variety of resources to help you get started, including:

- A library of sample assets: 
- A tutorial on how to use the Spatial Creator Toolkit
- A community of experienced game developers who can offer support and advice
- Join the discord to exchange with other participants:

We are looking for games that are:
- Fun and exciting to play
- Innovative and creative
- Well-made and polished

Here are some ideas to get you started:
- Create a game where players race through a variety of different worlds, each with its own unique challenges.
- Make a game where players can customize their cars and tracks to create their own racing experience.
- Design a game where players have to collect power-ups to help them win the race, or use them to sabotage their opponents.
- Create a game that is set in a unique and interesting world, such as a reef deep beneath the ocean, through clouds up in the sky, or down alleys in a cyberpunk city.

The possibilities are endless! So get creative and have fun!


1st place: 

- 125,000 Spatial Coins
- featured on homepage banner for 1 week
- Spatial & Sandstorm email newsletter
- Dedicated Twitter Space: meet the creator(s)
- Spatial & Sandstorm Tweet / IG post about game space
- Guaranteed Early Access as a seller on the Spatial Marketplace
- Option: Teaching an official Masterclass on Sandstorm 

2nd place: 

- 75,000 Spatial Coins
- Mention in Spatial & Sandstorm email newsletter
- Dedicated Twitter Space: meet the creator(s)
- Guaranteed Early Access as a seller on the Spatial Marketplace 

3rd place:
- 50,000 Spatial Coins
- Mention in Spatial & Sandstorm email newsletter
- Guaranteed Early Access as a seller on the Spatial Marketplace

Important disclaimer: Spatial coins are non-speculative & can be spent on the platform to receive different sets of utilities. 

- Must be created using the Spatial Creator Toolkit
- Should contain at least 2 drivable vehicles
- World should be focused on a shared multiplayer experience
- Contain a timed component
- Submit by 11:59pm EST on Saturday June 24th, 2023
- Optional, but recommended:
- Give your world a description
- Upload a custom thumbnail

Judging Criteria:
- Originality/Innovation
- Presentation (Video / cinematic)
- Level of fun/excitement
- Level of polish
- Follows requirements/theme
- Bonus: Awards items/powerups using the Backpack

How To Enter?

1. Follow the 3 Step process on Sandstorm (above this page)

Note: When uploading the asset, make sure to ZIP up the unity asset file. The file will not be used for any other purpose than judging
Note: When tweeting, make sure the tweet includes: 
- Link to the space in spatial
- Embeded video presentation
- Tag @spatial_io @sandstormmeetup

2. Publish your world to Spatial using the Spatial Creator Toolkit
- Creator toolkit docs:
- Make the space Publicly Listed
- Add the tag “SandstormRacingJam”

We also recommend sharing your production process along the way! Make sure to tag us if you want to share timelapses, concept designs, etc!

Good luck!!

No participants
Voting Starting

After running through the different lands of decentraland, you stumbled across a rare sight: A mysterious relic from an ancient civilization!! But when coming back home, nobody believed your tales! It is now your task to recreate how that relic looked like and convince them!

Are you up for the challenge? 

Challenge: The goal is for participants to create a scene picturing the moment when you, the explorer, discovered the mysterious relic in the wild lands of Decentraland. 

The representation needs to fit within a 2x2 plot sized build (maximum)
- Max. polycount: 40k
- Height limit: 46m
- File Size Limit: 60mb
- If possible, recreate the scene of discovery of the relic in your presentation
- The video presentation needs to showcase the build in Decentraland (you are still allowed to do a cinematic intro / sequence outside of DCL)
[BONUS] If you add cryptic meaning to your creation (some form of miniature easter egg hunt)

#1 - 1250 $USDC
#2 - 625 $USDC
#3 - 375 $USDC
#4 - 200 $USDC
#5 - 100 $USDC


Unleash the power of the elements!

Theme: The Art of the elements

Challenge: The goal is for participants to create a decentraland scene inspired by the four classical elements: Earth, Water, Air & and Fire, showcasing their beauty, versatility and power. 
The four elements need to be included and clearly visible on the scene.

The representation needs to fit within a 2x2 plot sized build (maximum)
- Max. polycount: 40k
- Height limit: 46m
- File Size Limit: 60mb
- If possible, add animations to the different elements showcased on the scene
- [BONUS] If animations / assets showcase the elements clashing against each other OR working together in symbiosis.

#1 - 1250 $USDC
#2 - 625 $USDC
#3 - 375 $USDC
#4 - 200 $USDC
#5 - 100 $USDC

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