🧘‍♂️ DCL Contest #24 - Zen Space 🧘✨

Contest End Time:
Aug 14, 2023 04:00:00 PM UTC

Participation Criteria:
Specific Badges
Participation Badges:
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Specific Badges
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Immerse yourself in the tranquility of your mind's eye, as you bring the serene whispers of Zen to life in the limitless expanse of 3D space..
Almost as if you were in a dream, you wander through this rift of time and space, crafting realities that echo the profound silence of the universe. 

📢 Challenge:
It's time to.... relax. Create your own ideal Zen space

🛠️ Build constraints: 🛠️ 

The representation needs to fit within a 2x2 plot sized build (maximum)
- Max. polycount: 40k
- Height limit: 46m
- File Size Limit: 60mb
- The Build needs to include Water & full landscaping of the 2x2 plot size

⚠️⚠️ Important - Preparing the final file for submission:

In order to facilitate the reviewing process & collecting of files, please follow the infrastructure as follows: 

Zipped folder including, separately:
- .GLB of the asset
- Zipped Downloaded file of the Scene (Download in Scene mode in Builder)
- TXT File that includes: Shared LINK of the scene

To get the link of the scene, go to:
https://builder.decentraland.org/ -> Create Scene -> Customize -> SHARE

🛠️ Presentation constraints: 🛠️

The presentation is very flexible, but it needs to:

1. Present the asset from all sides
2. Include a section of the presentation where you can see the asset deployed in Decentraland

Note: You can create cinematic trailers, renders, etc. in any way you want as long as you respect the 2 rules above


🥇#1 - 1200 $USDC + Special surprise 👀
🥈#2 - 625 $USDC 
🥉#3 - 375 $USDC 
🎖 #4 - 200 $USDC 
🎖 #5 - 100 $USDC 

📝 How to enter the contest: 📝 

To enter the contest & have a valid entry, you need to follow the 3 STEP process on this exact contest page (see above) within the deadline

Make sure to respect the contest, presentation & publishing requirements.

⌛️ DEADLINE: 14th of August / 4 PM UTC

Good luck & feel free to share timelapses, progress & ideation of your entries!
Make sure to tag @decentralanddao & @sandstormmeetup on twitter if you do!