⚔️ P 12 Arcana 🔮

Contest End Time:
Oct 15, 2023 02:00:00 PM UTC

Participation Criteria:
Voting Criteria:
Number of winners:

📢 Calling all Creators! 

Are you ready to test your skills on another platform? Then join us for P12 Arcana!

In this bounty contest, you will have 1 week to use the recently launched P12 editor tool, that is aimed at enabling the creation of next-gen experiences in no time!
You can create anything you want! The only thing you have to do is download their editor tool & publish a creation, no limits!

Objective: Create something fun, exciting & beautiful using the P12 editor Tool!

💡 How to use the P12 editor? 

- Go to this link: 

- Follow the step by step tutorial explained on this notion site to learn more about the P12 Editor:

🚀 Presentation

Once you have finished your entry & published on both Sandstorm & P12 (see more information below):
- Make sure to prepare a beautiful presentation of the creation (screenshot, MP4 runthrough video, Cinematic trailer)
- Feel free to share the progress of your work and tag both @sandstormmeetup & @_p12_ on Twitter / X

📚 Where to get more information?

Discord is the best place to learn more about both Sandstorm & P12!

Join P12 Discord: https://discord.gg/p12 
Join Sandstorm Discord: https://discord.gg/ZYNNGueJCg 

We have setup an educational channel in our Discord server that will help you out!
You can also reach out directly to the P12 team to get support, they are very responsive!

💰 Prizes:

Win up to 20,000$ through this initiative. 

How to win? 

1. Create awesome submissions
2. Publish them on P12 & share on social media
3. Get the P12 community to vote for your creation on the P12 Website
4. Go through the Sandstorm platform contest process so we can track your creations & give you even more visibility!

IMPORTANT: Do not publish your Work on P12 until Sandstorm staff gives the go. For now, only participate by entering on Sandstorm. Join our discord to stay up to date 

We’re very excited to see what you will create!

Sandstorm & P12 Teams