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CONTEST - DCL Contest #5: Lost, but not alone
Total Budget: 10000.0 USDC

It's the fifth SANDSTORM X DECENTRALAND contest! TIme to challenge the entire community!

We are exceptionally increasing the stake of the contest to 10 000$ and therefore extending its duration by a bit more than a week!

THEME: Lost, but not alone

You have now been stranded on the lost island for so long you can’t remember but, luckily, you’ve made an amazing friend! Are they made from materials you found on the island? Sure, but it doesn’t mean they don’t like to party!
You and your new friend start planning the best party the island has ever seen. What will you have at yours?

🚨 Challenge: Prepare an island party with your new friend!

🔹 Island must be on a 2x2 parcel lot (You can use your island from the previous challenge, or you can develop a new island)

🔹 Must create a “friend” from island materials

🔹 Must include an island entertainment area (Restricted to 8x8x5 meters)

🔹 Must include a party snack

🔹 Must include an animated party activity (Emote)

Build Constraints:
· Parcel size: 4
· Height limit: 46m
· File Size: 60mb
· Poly Count: 40,000

Emote Constraints:
· Max Animation Length: 10 seconds (300 frames)
· Animations per file: 1
· Export format: .glb
· Sampling Rate: 2 or 3 (if needed)
· Max file size: 1mb
· Max animation distance: 1 meter (in any direction)
· Max animation height: 1 meter


Fill out the form + submit a bid until the 4th of November, at 23:59 PM UTC


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*Note: Moving forward all contest submissions (if the builder agrees) will be linked to a public github repository and be available for use by all DCL creators!

👇🏼 PRIZE POOL - TOTAL 10 000 $USDC👇🏼

· 1st place: 3500 $USDC
· 2nd place: 2000 $USDC
· 3rd place: 1500 $USDC
· 4th place: 1000 $USDC
· 5th place: 750 $USDC
· 6th-10th place: 250 $USDC


Number of Bids: 10
Minimum Bid: 0.01 USDC
Maximum Bid: 1500.0 USDC
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