DCL contest #8 - Adrenaline Junkie

Contest End Time:
Dec 19, 2022 11:59:00 PM UTC

Participation Criteria:
Specific Badges
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Voting Criteria:
Only Participants with Specific Badges
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After months at home, you have fully recovered from being stranded on the Lost Island. You thought that you could just go back to your old life, but now that life seems bland and boring. In search for what is missing in life, you plan an adrenaline packed trip and head out on an adventure!

Challenge: Develop and animate an adrenaline packed stunt

Build Constraints:

Submission must be deployable on a 1x1 parcel scene with the following constraints:

Height limit: 20m

File Size: 15mb

Poly Count: 10000


Enter the competition until the 16th of December, at 23:59 PM UTC


1st place: 2500 $USDC

2nd place:1250 $USDC

3rd place: 750 $USDC

4th place: 350 $USDC

5th place: 150 $USDC