🌱 DCL Contest #22 - Miniature World 🐞🐛🐝

Contest End Time:
Jul 06, 2023 04:00:00 PM UTC

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As you wandered through a forest, you stumbled upon the fascinating tiny world living inside the bright green plants:
Every leaf served as a canvas showcasing intricate networks of veins, each flower was a palace for unseen pollinators, and every blade of grass was a high-rise for minute creatures, collectively unraveling the breathtaking complexity and fantastical charm of the vegetal microcosm.

📢 Challenge: Recreate a miniature world in Decentraland.... but at human scale!

🛠️ Build constraints: 🛠️ 

The representation needs to fit within a 2x2 plot sized build (maximum)
- Max. polycount: 40k
- Height limit: 46m
- File Size Limit: 60mb
[Important] Make sure to adapt the scale of the microscopic world to the standard character scale - the scale is up to you to determine (example: A leaf is as big as a full character avatar)
[BONUS] Recreate a few creatures that live in the environment!

🛠️ Presentation constraints: 🛠️

The presentation is very flexible, but it needs to:

1. Present the asset from all sides
2. Include a section of the presentation where you can see the asset deployed in Decentraland

Note: You can create cinematic trailers, renders, etc. in any way you want as long as you respect the 2 rules above


🥇#1 - 1250 $USDC + Exposure through Sandstorms Social channels
🥈#2 - 625 $USDC + Exposure through Sandstorms Social channels
🥉#3 - 375 $USDC + Exposure through Sandstorms Social channels
🎖 #4 - 200 $USDC + Exposure through Sandstorms Social channels
🎖 #5 - 100 $USDC + Exposure through Sandstorms Social channels

📝 How to enter the contest: 📝 

To enter the contest & have a valid entry, you need to follow the 3 STEP process on this exact contest page (see above) within the deadline

Make sure to respect the contest, presentation & publishing requirements.

⌛️ DEADLINE: 6th of July / 4 PM UTC

Good luck & feel free to share timelapses, progress & ideation of your entries!
Make sure to tag @decentralanddao & @sandstormmeetup on twitter if you do!