DCL Contest #18 - An HQ for the DAO Townhall!

Contest End Time:
May 08, 2023 11:59:00 PM UTC

Participation Criteria:
Specific Badges
Participation Badges:
Voting Criteria:
Specific Badges
Voting Badges:
Number of winners:

Time to create a place where the DAO can strategize!! 

The main idea is to create a space for hosting Decentraland in-world DAO Town Halls and other DAO events. The scene should be a place for encouraging collaboration and discussion amongst DAO members, it should have plenty of space for people to congregate and interact individually and collectively.

The builds in this contest will be transferred over to the facilitation squad who will use those as HQs for future in world DCL Townhalls!!

Some ideas / features that would be great:
-Features that allow for presentation of ideas or proposals, such as a podium, a stage, projector screen, etc.
-Would be good to have one main room and other(s) for chilling, brainstorming, or having meetings.
-Visually attractive and well signaled for users that don’t usually attend to DAO meetings.
-Board with important dates or next meetings to be held in that place

Plot size (max): 
- 3x3 plot size max

Visual guidelines:
-Optimized for performance to minimize lag and ensure a smooth experience for all users.
- Completely free 

Architectural guidelines:
- Government or coworking building (modern or historical).
-Designed to accommodate a large number of users and allow for easy navigation.
-2 floors as maximum

Presentation constraints:

The asset presentation is very flexible, but it needs to:
1. Present the asset from all sides
2. Include a section of the presentation where you can see the asset deployed in Decentraland
Note: You can create cinematic trailers, renders, etc. in any way you want as long as you respect the 2 rules above


1st place: 1250 $USDC
2nd place: 625 $USDC
3rd place: 375 $USDC
4th place: 200 $USDC
5th place: 100 $USDC

How to enter the contest:

To enter the contest & have a valid entry, you need to follow the 3 STEP process on this exact contest page (see above) within the deadline!
Make sure to respect the contest, presentation & publishing requirements.