Sandbox Collection - May 25

Contest End Time:
May 03, 2023 11:59:00 PM UTC

Participation Criteria:
Specific Badges
Participation Badges:
Voting Criteria:
Specific Badges
Voting Badges:
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Hello Builders!

Are you interested in selling your creations on The Sandbox Game marketplace?
We are running another contest where builders can now submit their creations to give them the opportunity to be in the SandStorm Official Collection.

The collection will be released on Sandbox Marketplace on May 25

- Everyone who is Level 2 - Verified can enter
- Fill out the form in addition to the contest submission -
(Form will be used in the event users become winners so we don't lose time getting this information later)

1. Create and upload your creation to this contest (Only 1 asset per person)
2. Share it on Twitter with the SandStorm link
3. Invite the community vote on your assets - Must by Level 2 - Verified to vote.
4. Fill out the Google Form for asset submission.

There is no specific theme you need to follow. You can make anything you'd like.
Note: Catalyst, Gems, Price will be defined later on once the winners are announced.
- Make sure to you follow the VoxEdit Guidelines 
- Max Face Count: 5000
- Max Node Count: 200
- Make sure you there is no z-fighting, clipping, and open animations. 
- Make sure your asset is fully functional in The Sandbox Game Maker

For additional tips make sure you watch this video for asset submission guidance: 

Excited to see what you all will create!