DCL Contest #17 - GM say it back!!

Contest End Time:
Apr 24, 2023 11:59:00 PM UTC

Participation Criteria:
Specific Badges
Participation Badges:
Voting Criteria:
Specific Badges
Voting Badges:
Number of winners:

GM all!

Time to represent web3 culture & give the DCL community a proper way to GM. 


Challenge: Develop a "GM" emote to say hi to all your metaverse friends in your own.. special way..   

Bonus points: Create a fun context & environment for the purpose of your presentation


Build constraints:
· Max Animation Length: 10 seconds (300 frames)
· Animations per file: 1
· Export format: .glb
· Sampling Rate: 2 or 3 (if needed)
· Max file size: 1mb
· Max animation distance: 1 meter (in any direction)
· Max animation height: 1 meter

Publishing constraints:

The judges are testing the files in world when reviewing the builds. Therefore, it is very important that you upload the files including: 

- Full .glb files

- Add additional texture files & other if needed to properly visualise the full asset in a 3D modeling software. 


Presentation constraints:

The asset presentation is very flexible, but it needs to:

1. Present the asset from all sides

2. Include a section of the presentation where you can see the asset deployed in Decentraland

Note: You can create cinematic trailers, renders, etc. in any way you want as long as you respect the 2 rules above



1st place: 1250 $USDC

2nd place: 625 $USDC

3rd place: 375 $USDC

4th place: 200 $USDC

5th place: 100 $USDC


How to enter the contest:

To enter the contest & have a valid entry, you need to follow the 3 STEP process on this exact contest page (see above) within the deadline: 24.04.2023 / 15:00 UTC. 

Make sure to respect the contest, presentation & publishing requirements.