DCL Contest #14 - St. Patrick's Day!

Contest End Time:
Mar 12, 2023 11:59:00 PM UTC

Participation Criteria:
Specific Badges
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Theme: St. Patrick's Day is coming up... how are you celebrating???
Challenge: To get ready for St. Patrick's Day, create a unique, costume or fit that you'd totally rock at any St. Patrick's Day celebration party or event! To spice things up a bit, make something that is totally untraditional - meaning, try to make a costume that stands out and would be uncommon, but still goes along with the theme of the holiday.
Imagine yourself wearing this costume in a St. Patrick's Day march, or bar party, or feast!

This one can be a tricky one. Some ideas...

An Irish Robot?

A walking, talking, 4 leaf clover?

Endless possibilities!

What to create?
1 skin wearable - be creative!

Build constraints:
- skin wearable - the amount of triangles allowed are 5k and 5 textures.
Follow Decentralands guidelines:


1st place: 1250 $USDC

2nd place: 625 $USDC

3rd place: 375 $USDC

4th place: 200 $USDC

5th place: 100 $USDC
Fill out the form + submit a bid until the 12th of March, at 23:59 PM UTC