The Sandbox Contest #25 - Assets for a Skatepark 🛹 THE S-GAMES 2023! 🏆

Contest End Time:
Feb 19, 2023 11:59:00 PM UTC

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Only Participants with Specific Badges
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It's time to bring out the boards!
Remember the Tony Hawk Pro Skater titles?
There’s a game mode where you can create your own Skatepark and we thought we could do the same, but instead we join forces with the best builders on Sandbox (that’s you)!

Objective: Builders must create a Custom Skatepark with 2 objects or more (e.g., any cool obstacles like benches, grinds, ramps, stairs, etc.)

Max faces: 5000
No node limitation
Size limit: 512x512x512 voxels
No avatars required
Animations are optional 

DEADLINE: February 19TH - 23:59 PM UTC

Prize Pool: 10.000 $SAND (Spread across TOP 10 Winners)
#1 - 3000 $SAND
#2 - 2000 $SAND
#3 - 1600 $SAND
#4 - 1400 $SAND
#5 - 1000 $SAND
#6-10 - 200 $SAND

Let's get to work and good luck!!!! 🙌🏻