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CyberKongz - Voxel Asset Creations
Total Budget: 1000.0 MATIC

Remaining Budget: 0.0

We need some to build the following assets for CyberKongz brand
- Banana claw machine
- Treehouse
- Banana Karts that run on banana juice

Number of Bids: 10
Minimum Bid: 1.0 MATIC
Maximum Bid: 1000.0 MATIC

Being worked by

Digital painter - 3D artist. Winner and NPC designer of Ledger | Top-5 winner of The Sandbox contest | Top-6 winner of Sandstorm...


Sandstorm Team Builds

—Build owner

"The CyberKongz ecosystem is fueled by the talent that exists within web3. Itala Fireson has showcased their talent, and we are grateful to them for their cool builds! The detail of their work, shows the time they took to give the most Kongish look possible!"

Rating For Builder

Itala Fireson


"There have been few opportunities in my career path that have been able to truly challenge my artistic abilities and given me a way to bring out the best in myself. The CyberKongz team has fully given me the opportunity to be able to push my creativity beyond my limits through their guidance and complete availability. I am honored and immensely grateful to have been able to contribute together with them to the expansion of the CyberKongz ecosystem."

Rating For Build Owner