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Space basic build kit #1 - Creator Fund Onboarding
Total Budget: 100.0 USD

Remaining Budget: 20.0

Scope: voxedit asset creation, animating

The goal of this proposal will be to create 5 basic space themed assets which will allow future builders to easily create a space themed environment!

Your task will be to:
- Create 2 space themed blocks (environment)
- Create 2 space themed plant
- Create a space themed (small) imaginary animal

How to get hired?

✅ get builder certified
✅ get level 2 verified (KYC)
✅ mint some assets that showcase your range of artistic skills
✅ Bid on this proposal

Number of Bids: 18
Minimum Bid: 1.0 USD
Maximum Bid: 100.0 USD

Completed by

👉 I'was a Sandbox CF Artist and a Teamleader there of the former Cell13. I already did some Projects here and became a success Manager of Sandstorm. I love Voxel, Pixel and Retro Computing.


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"Great to work with! Is able to take feedback and quickly make adjustments. For quick, high quality, amazing work Vectrex is a great choice!"

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"Thank you! It was super nice to work with you! All the Best ! "

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