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Universe of Joy - 2 assets and 2 avatars
Total Budget: 1000.0 MATIC

Remaining Budget: 0.0

Universe of Joy is a educational brand getting into the Metaverse through The Sandbox, looking to make learning fun for web3 and beyond.

We are builduing a experience and need experienced and creative builders to help us illustrate that learning can be just like a cross-galaxy trip: full of fun, mysteries and new universes to encounter.

For this build we will need:

01 avatar + character animations for Pacey (the fearless and fast leader of our ship)
01 avatar + character animations for Teady (his loyal and a bit slow companion, wich happens to present himself in the form of a monkey)
01 spaceship shaped like a boat (it's a long story)
01 portal who Pacey and Teady use to cross the galaxy in search of knowledge

The builder will be provided a mood board, illustrations and a 3D animated video for reference.

Anyone interested must have:

✅ Badge for certified builder
✅ Level 2 verified (KYC)
✅ Minted assets that showcase your talent
✅ A bid on this proposal

We look forward to builduing with you!

Number of Bids: 6
Minimum Bid: 850.0 MATIC
Maximum Bid: 1000.0 MATIC

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Universe of Joy

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"The Jump team made the process very easy-going. They were completely available to discuss ideas and made their plan of execution clear from the start."

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"It was pleasure to work on Universe of Joy's assets. We found tremendous opportunities to grow our abilities with this build and found the team very open and flexible."

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