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TCG World Week 6 - Internal & External architecture
Total Budget: 3000.0 USDC

Remaining Budget: 0.0

Time to create an awesome home OR business store idea for their platinum plots!

🔹 Create a highly detailed building. Wether it's a home or business is up to you to decide! Make sure the home / business includes internal and external decorations!

• Follow TCG World build guidelines (shared in our discord - tcgworld #education channel)
• 3D asset creation, completed models transfered with: (1) texture folder, (2) FBX files, (3) Original file of the program the builder modeled in
• MAX poly count: 50,000

✅ Verified builders can now bid
✅ Make sure to include what you plan on building in your cover letter to maximise chances of getting hired
✅ Make sure to mint assets on your profile proving your competence.

More information will be provided to the hired builder after the hiring process

Number of Bids: 8
Minimum Bid: 0.0001 USDC
Maximum Bid: 3000.0 USDC

Being worked by

Metarizk Studio, led by architect Rizk Ghazaly, who holds a master's degree in Bio-digital Architecture. Since 2019, we've been designing stunning spaces in the metaverse, building over 500 lands...


Sandstorm Team Builds

—Build owner

"The proposal were the infamous Belly Ache was born! Rizk did a great job working on this architectural 3D asset production. Delivered within the expected timeframe & was open to visual & technical revisions for Unity compatibility! Belly Ache will definitely be a major venue in TCG World going forward!"

Rating For Builder

Rizk Ghazaly