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Galaxy Fight Club - Custom Avatars For The Sandbox
Total Budget: 1000.0 MATIC

Remaining Budget: 0.0

The Galaxy Fight Club (GFC) is not just an avatar project, it is a real-time PvP game to bring together holders of different NFT collections. Players can battle with each other to both win and earn rewards through play-to-earn mechanics. Now GFC wants SandStorm builders to create custom avatars for The Sandbox metaverse!

Avatars (9x)
Human male
Human female
Human male Gold
Death Robot

Other assets:
A commercial stand for their video game with an integrated QR code linking to their website. More details on the Avatars and the commercial stand will be shared after the hiring process

Builders need a completed SandStorm profile with minted assets and to be level 2 verified to bid on this proposal!

Number of Bids: 12
Minimum Bid: 350.0 MATIC
Maximum Bid: 1000.0 MATIC

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"KOart studio did an amazing job within this build proposal! Overall a very easy team to work with. They were open to feedback and revisions throughout the process and delivered fast. Galaxy fight Club was satisfied with the produced assets & accessories. Would recommend!"

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KOart Design Studio


"We received a very interesting task. Spent a good amount of time forming proper directions for the designer team. Successfully completed clients order. Made some adjustments after their reviews, minted and transferred assets to the client. Thank you SandStorm team for support and Galaxy Fight Club for your challenge!"

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