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VEmpire - Greek Mythology Assets For Sandbox Experience
Total Budget: 2000.0 MATIC

Remaining Budget: 0.0

VEmpire introduces a 2k proposal to create 2 asset packages in reference to the Greek Mythology!

Underworld asset package:
9X assets

Greco Roman cultural asset package:
14X assets

DEADLINE: till 31st of August to complete all (URGENT)

UNDERWORLD asset package:

Package of big and complex assets that introduce the player in the World of Hades.
Complex animation required.

- Cerberus - Three-Headed Dog that guards the gates of the Underworld
- Gates of the Underworld
- Charon the boatman of the underground together with his boat
- Hades (ruler of the Underworld) - large human
- Big Statue of Hades (based on NPC model)
- Hades throne
- Animated Flames
- Chains with chained NPCs
- Firebats

More details on asset models will be provided after the hiring process

GRECO ROMAN CULTURE asset package:

Package of smaller assets reflecting a realistic everyday life in the Greek era.
No complex animations required for the most part.

- 1x Furnace
- 1x Sledge hammers
- 1x Blacksmith Tongs
- 1x Coal
- 1x Coal shovel
- 1x Sculpting tools - hammer, chisel, divider
- 1x Anvil
- 1x Stool
- 1x Saw
- 1x Torch
- 1x Large clamps
- 1x Casting molds
- 1x Bucket

More details on asset models will be provided after the hiring process

Need to be level 2 verified to bid on the proposal

Number of Bids: 5
Minimum Bid: 1.0 MATIC
Maximum Bid: 2000.0 MATIC

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"The proposal for vEmpire was initiated in response to an urgent request for a The Sandbox Season 3 experience. The objective was to produce high-quality assets in a very short amount of time. The Wanmine team was able to deliver all deliverables on time and with professionalism and superior quality. They were extremely communicative and able to quickly adapt to new instructions. Strongly suggest working with this team!"

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" We created for this brand some of the resources that belonged to the alpha season 3 experience, the theme was extremely appealing and this stimulated us to give it our all, the client gave us several references without taking away our freedom to create, we were proud to work for this brand and their experience and we are thrilled with the success."

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