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CyberKongz Booth Build for SandStorm Social Hub
Total Budget: 100.0 ETH
Remaining Budget: 5.0 ETH

This fully immersive jungle-themed build is meant to be placed over the SandStorm main sign in the Social Hub. Sizing is to be fitted for CyberKongz

The concept of the build is to have a jungle themed area on top of SandStorm’s sign with a HUGE tree, tree tire swing, waterfalls, bridges, Banana vending machine, and KongVX NPCs.

There will be Kongz placed around the build along with a banana shop to describe the roadmap, Banana token utility, and eventually a portal to their other lands.

Number of Bids: 4
Minimum Bid: 5.0 ETH
Maximum Bid: 95.0 ETH
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