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BUILD - Lady Pixy (Partner) - mythical creatures
Total Budget: 1000.0 USDC
Remaining Budget: 238.0 USDC

Our partner Lady Pixy has activated a new build proposal on our platform!

They would be very interested to see different builders interpretations of mythical creatures rom thier respective countries.

The goal within this proposal is to create a total of 6 high quality creatures split across 2 different builders

Each builder will need to create 3 mythical creatures from their respective countries of origin:
- 1x large size
- 2x small / medium size

✅ Only bids with 500 USDC or less will be considered
✅ Make sure to include the details on the creatures in the cover letter

This proposal is a "BUILD" proposal (aka. job offer), more details in regards to the assets that need to be created will be provided after the hiring process!

Number of Bids: 12
Minimum Bid: 302.0 USDC
Maximum Bid: 500.0 USDC
Please connect your wallet to place a bid